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Beacon is an intuitively designed, web-based intervention support system for K-12 schools. The Beacon team approached me in 2018 to create a brand for their company.

Starting Point

At time of engagement, Beacon’s brand consisted of only a working name: Beacon. The team thought the name had potential, but wanted to perform their due diligence and explore different options. In addition, they needed a logo, typography kit, color palette, and branding guidelines.


I constructed the following process for developing Beacon’s branding:

  1. Research Beacon, it’s mission, and the opportunities it addresses
  2. Research potential competitors and similar organizations
  3. Create a brand “personality” through mood boards, color palettes and keyword selection
  4. Craft name concepts and select a finalist (“Beacon” won, against numerous competitors)
  5. Craft logo concepts and select a finalist
  6. Polish final logo
  7. Craft a matching typography kit and color palette
  8. Compile a branding guidelines document

Finished Product

The Beacon rebranding project produced a stunning logo, typeface pairing and color palette that communicate the brand’s secure, data-driven, robust, encouraging and hopeful personality.

The final logo

The branding guidelines document created a structured, yet adaptable set of guidelines that the team will use to ensure the consistency and integrity of their new brand.

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